Master’s Degree in Health Sciences

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The School of Medicine of Jundiaí (FMJ) strongly participates in the public health activities for Jundiaí, contributing to the social, economic, political and health organization and development of the region. In this respect, the aim of the program is to promote the expansion of the scientific basis of health-related issues, strengthening the ties between undergraduate and postgraduate studies and integrating society in research and university.

























• Master’s Degree

Objectives:To train teachers with broad knowledge of their field to work in teaching and research in areas related to Health Sciences and Human Health.

Target Population: Professionals with a graduate degree in health who seek constant refreshing and improvement in their field of expertise, with vocation for teaching and research.

Duration: 24 months

Faculdade de Medicina de Jundiaí
Rua Francisco Telles, 250 – Vila Arens
Telephone: (11) 3395-2113 / (11) 3395-2140

Program Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Evaldo Marchi

Main area and research areas of interest

Main area:
Human Health

Research areas of interest:
1) Women’s Health;
2) Child and Adolescent Health;
3) Adult and Older Adult Health.

List of supervisors according to area (click on the link)

Scientific Publications - Professors (click on the link)

Required Courses (click on the link)

Selection Process

The candidate will be selected by the Postgraduate Committee (CPG-FMJ) and endorsed by the Course Coordination. The following criteria will be taken into consideration for classification of the students:

Relevance of the project presented: the project should be inserted in the research areas of interest of the institution and, preferably, should have the consent of the supervisor. Preference will be given to projects in progress and with potential for publication in high-impact journals.

Quality of the curriculum of the candidate: articles published in high-impact journals, work presented during events or conferences, classes and lectures will be evaluated. Preference will be given to candidates who were enrolled in institutions involved in teaching and research and who are willing to conduct research on a regular basis.

Distribution of students according to research area: since the program has three research areas of interest, preferentially, the candidates will be distributed equally among these areas according to the availability of each supervisor of the program.

OBSERVATIONS: In view of the number of vacancies available, and according to demand, if necessary, the candidates will be invited for an evaluation interview.






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